8 Episodes

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  • The Real Conversation Model

    Episode 1

    Maurice reveals the #1 problem of why we can not communicate with each other in meetings and the workplace. Watch this video to learn the 6 steps to get from an idea to a solution with ease.

  • How Personality Styles Conflict in Conversation

    Episode 2

    Why is communication so difficult? Maurice reveals the most common reason that miscommunication and lack of buy in happens.

  • Introduction to the Z-Model of Communication

    Episode 3

    The continuation of our communication series, highlighting the z-model. Maurice breaks down the z-model and how to use it.

  • Communication Breakdown

    Episode 4

    When you go into meetings, discuss a problem, come up with a solution, leave and try to implement things, everything starts to fall apart. This is the communication breakdown that happens everywhere. We will show you what communication breakdowns look like and how to avoid them.

  • Stop the Communication Breakdown

    Episode 5

    We discuss the difficult issue of communication. Maurice and John give the tools that managers can use to facilitate a team and get everyone in communication.

  • Get Out of Passive Aggressive Habits

    Episode 6

    Learn how to have conversations between managers and staff and getting to what really needs to be said. Staying away from passive or aggressive approach.

  • Communication Traps to Avoid - Part 2

    Episode 7

    The continuation of communication traps to watch out for. We focus on more technical problems that occur and how to fix them. Part 2 of 2.

  • Communication Traps to Avoid - Part 1

    Episode 8

    We discuss the common communication traps and the things that you need to stop doing in order to communicate with others better. Part 1 or 2