Management Excellence

Management Excellence

28 Episodes

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Management Excellence
  • Case Study - How to Start Aligning the Team

    Episode 1

    Maurice Velasquez and Gordy Rush have guest Tom Ashley from Expand inc on Winning in the Workplace. Tom explains the beginning journey with Maurice at Team Real World and how Maurice started getting the whole company on the same page.

  • Case Study - Setting Up Rhythm Meetings

    Episode 2

    Maurice explains the importance of the rhythm meeting. Hear how Maurice and Tom Ashley use those meetings in Expand inc.

  • Case Study - Having Tough & Good Conversations

    Episode 3

    Disagreements are bound to happen. It is always better to be prepared for them rather then broadsided. The rhythm meetings are dedicated to expressing those issues and figuring them out in an organized manner.

  • Case Study - Personality & People Skills with DiSC

    Episode 4

    Maurice Velasquez, Gordy Rush and Tom Ashley discuss the significance of having a DiSC profile for yourself and for teams.