Personalities & People Skills with DiSC

Personalities & People Skills with DiSC

14 Episodes

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Personalities & People Skills with DiSC
  • Understanding Your Personality and Becoming Self-Aware

    Episode 1

    The best asset of every job in the people.We want people to understand themselves and explain to others how they like to be approached.

  • How to Read Personalities Better and Connect with Others

    Episode 2

    Maurice lays out the graph you need to learn in order to know personalities. Learn this DiSC graph and you will master reading personalities, adjusting to them, connecting with them and ultimately becoming more successful in the workplace.

  • Introduction to Personalities

    Episode 3

    To be a good leader or manager, you must learn how to manager different personalities, especially those different from your own. Maurice, Leah and Nathan introduce the different types of personalities in the workplace.

  • Understanding Personalities in the Workplace

    Episode 4

    Learn the skills of how to manage and work with people, and have good people skills. This is the most fundamental skill in the workplace that if learned it makes life much easier.

  • How Each Personality Can Work Better with Others

    Episode 5

    The biggest issue in any workplace is working with everybody who has different personalities. Learn how to make decisions with everyone in your workplace by understanding their decision making process based on their personality.

  • Understanding Each Personality Better (DiSC)

    Episode 6

  • Figuring Out Which Personality You Are (DiSC)

    Episode 7

    We look at the fundamentals of DiSC, how to incorporate it into your workplace and the benefits that come with knowing your personality.

  • Personality Differences & Communication Breakdown

    Episode 8

    Personality alignment training - we teach you how to communicate better and make faster decisions together. Stay till the end to learn the traps that can easily happen and how to avoid them.

  • Collaborating Better with the Z-Model

    Episode 9

    Maurice teaches how to apply the z-model into everyday decisions so that we don't kill each others ideas and never reach solutions.

  • Understanding Introverts

    Episode 10

    What is an introvert? What are some misconceptions about introverts? Maurice and John discuss how to better understand introverts.

  • Myths About Introverts

    Episode 11

    There are many myths about introverts, Maurice Velasquez and John Sherk uncover what those myths are in the workplace.

  • Insights About Introverts - Part 1

    Episode 12

    Learn some of the pitfalls that you will face in the workplace if you are an introvert, and how to avoid them.

  • Insights About Introverts - Part 2

    Episode 13

    We discuss introverts - a topic that impacts everybody in personal and business life. Find out how to relate, engage, reward them and hope to get them to improve productivity.

  • What if You are Neither Introvert nor Extrovert?

    Episode 14

    How to get your team members to work better together, especially the personalities who don't get along.